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About Us

Bognor Regis Youth & Community Centre, registered Charity number 305343, is situated in the heart of the Pevensey Ward in Bognor Regis. Its aim is to support children, young people, families and older people from all areas of Bognor Regis. By offering a wide range of activities we aim to reduce anti-social behaviour, promote community cohesion, improve health (both physical and mental) and provide a safe space for all who need it.


Bognor Regis Youth & Community Centre was opened by the Duke of Gloucester in 1938 and was built on land donated by a local businessman. A massive fundraising drive took place to raise funds to build a ‘Boys Club’ which supported boys, particularly during the war years.Since then, the centre has also been a Youth Club and since 1971 a Community Centre, independently owned by the community, for the community, and is now overseen by three deed trustees and run by volunteers from the local community. The centre running costs rely on low cost hire fees to small community groups, organisations, the wider community as well as a variety of small businesses and statutory groups.

The centre has two offices, one of which is accommodated by the centre manager Kez Bridger,  who provides a variety of community led initiatives aimed to improve quality of life for people living in the deprived areas of Bognor Regis and the other is currently un-occupied and used for groups when needed. It also has a large gym which is used by a variety of local groups offering fitness classes, a small lounge style room which can be used for classroom purposes, a mini hall which is perfect for groups who don't need large areas and a kitchen area complete with full cooking facilities as well as tables and chairs.

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